Friday, December 7, 2007

Feeling Like Myself Again

Well, I was down for the count this week with a stomach bug. Not fun. All I could do was change the channel on the TV. I have tons to do before the trip, but I did absolutely nothing (no spanish tapes, no reading up on locations, etc.) but change TV channels. Now I'm feeling better and plan to maximize my time this weekend, if at all possible.

My personal trainer started her cardio challenge this week, so the chances of my winning the challenge are pretty slim considering I couldn't exercise all of this week. But, now that I'm feeling better I'm back to the gym tonight. No more being a slug for me!

Thanks for your comments on the hat. I'm really liking it and it was so quick. Now I'm thinking I need a scarf to go w/ it. But, that's for another day. For now I need to finish the Brigitta sweater I'm working on for my sweater class. Once that's done, I need to work on the gifts that will be arriving in 2008, since there's no way they'll make it for Hanukkah. Oops!

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