Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 15 - Chobe National Park

This morning we were up early for our last morning game drive. While I hate getting up so early, I also hate the idea that my vacation is almost over. Until then, I won't dwell on it. Back to the game drive report!

We loaded up in our jeeps this morning and saw a ton of elephants, including some just crossing the road in front of us. One herd that we saw even had a baby that could have been more than 4 months old. So friggin' cute!  

We saw more impala and kudu antelopes, but also had the rare sighting of a sable antelope. Our guides were quite excited to see it bc you rarely do, from what they told us at least. We saw several different birds, including a beautiful lilac breasted roller. 

We almost saw a leopard this morning as well. It was about 50-100 feet away from us, but bc it was behind a bush and eating, it never came out and we never saw it. However, all the drivers said it was back there. The leopard is now the only one we haven't seen! 

After the morning game drive and breakfast we had a ton of free time until our next game drive. A few of us walked into town in search of gifts, but there really was nothin there. Still, it was nice to get out and walk even if it was hot as hell. I made a massage appt and had an extremely relaxing one hour massage. Couldn't get over how tight my shoulders were from all the traveling and jeep rides. Afterwards we went for a dip in the pool and then sat out in the shade. 

As soon as we got in our jeep for the afternoon drive, we told our driver we were on the hunt for some leopards. Unfortunately, leopards were not to be in the cards for us this trip. We went back to the same place the leopard was rumored to be, but no one saw him. We waited for a while, to no avail. Instead, today was the day of the elephants. We must've seen over 100 elephants today! We saw several herds of 10, with babies, either eating or walking or even swimming (!!!) in the river. I took a series of photos (from afar so who knows how well they turned out) of an elephant walking into the river, submerging itself and then walking up the banks on the other side. So cool! I didn't realize elephants could swim. At the end of the day we saw at least 30 elephants on one of the islands in the river. What's neat is that they walk in single file lines. 

In addition to elephants, we saw impalas, sable antelopes, waterbok, giraffes, warthogs, and a fish eagle. Looks just like our bald eagle. We stopped again for drinks for a sundowner. On the way back, we had the most spectacular sunset. The sun was a re fireball at some pint!

Really sad that the drives are over and everyone heads back tomorrow. We had our farewell dinner, which seemed odd to me since I am staying an extra day. I made some new friends on this trip and rekindled old friendships. It really was a great trip. For the most part, everyone got along. I really like traveling in the smaller groups for that reason. 

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