Monday, April 26, 2010

Supporting the local economy . . .

Today was our first full day in Hoi An. I think I mentioned this yesterday, but if I didn't, Hoi An is the place to get clothes made. The quaint, old part of town is small and over 3/4 of the shops are ones that will make the clothes for you. When I was in Hong Kong a number of folks had stuff made but I didn't. However, here I jumped on the bandwagon.

We were on the 8am shuttle bus to town and went to a shop called Yaly which had been recommended by my cousin, the travel books, etc. I had an idea of what I wanted - a blazer and some button down shirts - but looked thru a ton of books for ideas. Ended up w/ a black blazer made of a cashmere wool blend. I also had 2 tops made out of cotton. My friends were all getting suits and dresses and pants, so I decided to look at formal/cocktail dresses. Ended up w/ an a-line out of black chiffon and black satin trim.

From there we left to check out another store our fearless leader saw a dress she liked. Upon further examination (and learning it came with a reversible jacket) 3 of us ended up getting it in different colors. I then found a light dress I also liked. We kept finding things we liked, but had to move on to meet our group for a cooking tour.

I know, I suck at cooking, but had to go along w/ the group. We explored the market and then took a boat ride up the river to the cooking school. There, we learned how to make rice paper, spring rolls, pancakes, and eggplanr in a clay pot. Making the rice paper was really cool. We left with recipes and directions for making the dishes. We'll see whether I ever make this stuff, but you never know.

After the cooking class I went back to the hotel, relaxed in the pool, etc. before heading back to town for my fittings. Just so you know, it was over 100 degrees today and very humid. I must have lost a gallon of water just standing still. Anyway, by the time I got to the first shop for my fitting I was already sweating. I liked my button-down tops, and even got 2 more. For $35 each, you can't beat it! The blazer is what sent me over the edge - a cashmere/wool blend and lined. How do you try these on in this heat? I was sweating like crazy! There were a few alterations needed, but otherwise it looked good. Finally, the cocktail dress looked like a big tent. It needed to be taken in and shortened significantly. Still not sure how I like it.

From there I met up with friends at the other store. The dresses all needed to be let out a bit, but were not bad. While there, my eye wandered and I found some lightweight a-line skirts and another cocktail dress. I figure I can always use these things. I had to leave before I did anymore damage.

I'm sure you are thinking I went crazy, b/c I am. However, my friends were the crazy ones. They were buying 4 suits, dresses, pants, etc. I thought about pants but just didn't want to deal. I go back tomorrow morning for another fitting.

I am falling asleep as I type this. Goodnight!
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Katie said...

I want more pictures!!!!

Lisa said...

I want a Vietnamese homecooked dinner :)