Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Phun on the Eastern Shore

This week I had to drive down to Norfolk, VA for a hearing. My colleague was kind enough to do most of the driving so I could nurse a migraine I had that morning, relax, and catch up on some knitting. At the last minute, I decided to bring my camera down but wasn't sure if we'd have time to stop and take some pictures. Aside from that, we also left later than I had expected so we weren't going to reach the Bay Bridge/Tunnel until dark.

It wasn't until sunset that I had the urge to start taking pictures. We were in Virginia at this point, maybe 45 minutes north of the Bay Bridge/Tunnel. There were some really cool cloud formations on Tuesday that made the sunset very unique. I didn't want to make my colleague stop every 100 feet or so, so I just started taking photos from inside the car.

Of course, b/c we were driving, I couldn't really control what made it into the picture or not, but this house and tree ended up working out really well for some depth of field.

It's like it's spiraling out from the center. A pinwheel maybe? Plus, I love the layers of color from the layers of clouds.

I then put my camera away and we continued to drive. Just before the Bay Bridge/Tunnel, the colors in the sky changed. We were getting to the most narrow part of the Delmarva Peninsula and you could start to see the still waters of the Chesapeake Bay reflecting the sky.

I wish I had taken my camera out about 5 minutes earlier. We passed a white house set back from the road that was right on the water. The water was still and reflected back the most wonderful colors. It would have been a great picture, but I didn't want to be a pain and ask my colleague to stop the car so I could get out. It's one thing for me to do it either alone or at least if I'm driving, but w/ someone else driving, it was tough. So, after that shot, I had to take my camera back out.

Like I said, I didn't want to ask my colleague to stop the car, so the next shots were taken in obviously low light as we were moving and just about on the bridge. The blur of the pictures and the color of the sky almost make the shots look like they are painted watercolors and not photographs.

Not even a mile or two after the above pictures were taken, the light from the sun was gone. These are some pictures at the beginning of the Bay Bridge/Tunnel. They are dark and I don't think they do much, but I was trying out some composition stuff so you are now stuck looking at it too.

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Lisa said...

nice pictures, crazy clouds :)