Friday, January 1, 2010

Holiday gifts

Never before did I ever think that I would knit toys. However, when I started seeing pictures of the giraffe (rav link) from Susan B. Anderson's Itty Bitty Toys book on Ravelry, I knew I had to get it and start knitting!

After consulting w/ my sister, I ended up knitting the following two projects.

Baby Doll Set

Is Leah not just the cutest thing w/ that doll? The pattern is called Baby Doll Set with Hat (ravelry link) and I knit it out of Rowan's Purelife Organic Cotton DK. I did not add the poly pellets that the pattern called for and only stuffed it with polyfill. It took me a while to finish, partly b/c I had to bring it w/ me on vacation and partly b/c there were so many little parts. I used a ball and a half of the Quebarcho Bark, almost a full ball of the Brazilwood, and maybe a quarter to a half skein of the Oak Bark and the Yellowwood.

I ended up making a few modifications. I had to knit the baby's hat a little longer before making the decreases so it would fit right on her head. I also didn't add the belly button or the thumbs (more of a timing issue and I just wanted to finish the damn thing). I think the braids are thinner than the pattern called for.

Although the diaper is cute, I'm not so thrilled w/ it. I didn't add the edging and had issues w/ the darts. The pattern also has a toddler size hat that I did not make. However, Leah kept trying on the girl's hat, so maybe I should knit that for her too!

As I said, Leah really liked her. We had fun pointing out where the doll's eyes, nose, knees, etc. were. Our last night on vacation, Leah was overtired and as we said night night to her, she turned around and said "night night baby doll." So cute! I hope she gets a lot of use out of her.


This is the Giraffe (ravelry link) pattern from Itty Bitty Toys. I knit this little bugger out of Berroco Comfort (Buttercup and Kidz Orange). I used barely 1 ball of of the Kidz Orange and just over 1 ball of the Buttercup. It's got poly pellets in the feet and a little in the body. Rest is stuffed with polyfill.

The giraffe is pretty big, as you can see in the picture above. It's a good 20" tall from the base. I might have to make one for myself. He is just so cute!

I knew Alex wasn't much of a doll person, but knew that the animal would get a little love. I'm sure it will mostly be sitting on a bed or shelf or pile of other animals.

Other Gifts

I also made something for my sister and my brother-in-law, but don't actually have pictures to show off. That's the problem w/ gifts. You get so excited to give them that you forget to take photos for your own records. Duh.

I made my brother-in-law Brooklyn Tweed's Turn-a-Square hat, but instead of striping it w/ a solid color, I just let the Noro change colors on it's own. I used Noro Kureyon in 233, and it came out really well. It was mostly a dark navy, black and green, w/ a small (maybe about 2 rows tops) of pink that rests right above the ribbing. I really like how the color change occurred and wish I did have a picture.

For my sister, I made her the Pebble Neck Warmer from Loop's blog. I made it w/ a smaller gauge yarn, Pear Tree 12 ply in blush, so I had to make a few adjustments (size 15 needles, extra stitches). I got a great button at Rosie's and when finished, my sister loved it. Now I want to whip up a quick hat to match.


Anonymous said...

I really need some knitting lessons with you - those toys are adorable!

Mindy said...

I remember you saying you wanted to make some toys, and you've done a terrific job! They are precious.

Mindy said...

I remember you saying you wanted to make some toys, and these are fantastic!