Sunday, April 20, 2008

Of all the things I've lost . . .

. . . I miss my brain the most! I knew there was a reason why I bought that key chain. I really wish my brain would kick in sometimes.

I spent a great weekend w/ my family down in Florida. Iflew in Thursday night so I had 3 full days to relax in the sun. My weekend started out with a relaxing massage, 3 gorgeous days of walking along the water, 3 sun-filled days on the beach, time with the family, etc. (If you haven't noticed I was having fun w/ my cell phone on the beach)

Sadly, it ended with my brain taking a nice little hiatus. I showed up at the airport without my wallet! Yup, I somehow managed to leave it on the counter in the kitchen. Duh? In acutality, I did have my work ID, so I technically could have made it thru security; however, I didn't have any money to pay the cab fare home. Luckily, my mom had her cell phone on her and she and my dad rushed home (15 minutes away) to grab the wallet and meet me back at the departures area. I cut the security line and managed to get to the gate w/ 5 minutes to spare!

Now I'm home and wish I had one more day left at the beach.

On another note, my mom and grandmother always have the most beautiful flowers in their apartments (the benefits of living in Florida). The roses in my grandmother's apartment were just begging to be photographed and shared:

Aren't they beautiful?

While I was away, I also got a lot of knitting done. I made some headway on my first Monkey sock, did about 4 inches on Josephine, a pattern from last summer's Interweave Knits, and also worked on my tie-dye boxes sweater. My mom gave me the unfinished blanket she started for me 2 years ago with no plans of finishing it. I'm not sure where in the pattern she is, so I might have to rip it out and either redo it (yikes) or make something else w/ the yarn. We'll see. For now, I'm off to bed.


Lisa said...

Oh, that rose is glorious! I am so jealous of your days lounging in the sun...

mariss said...

Ooh! Looks like a great weekend! Where in Florida does your family live? You know I'm from there too, right? Ft. Lauderdale? I think we had this brain is gone too. I think your fam is either in West Palm or the west coast.

Thanks for checking out the gocco--it's definitely dumbfounding at first :)

Simply Mindy said...

You're kind of a show off with your Piddle Loop bags and entrelac headband, you know? ...don't worry, I'm just jealous.