Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another one bites the dust

What do I mean you ask? Well, you can cross off another fear of heights issue that has been conquered. First it was hot air ballooning, then it was the zipline, and now it is horseback riding!  Last time I was on a horse I was 6 and freaked out when it started moving. Since then I've been afraid to get back on one. Its the whole loss of control issue. I was really nervous and wanted smack one of the guys on my trip for making all these jokes while I tried to prepare myself. It was scary getting on, but once on and a few feet under my belt I caught on and had fun. My horse's name was patas blancas or white feet b/c she had 4 white feet.  We rode for about an hour and then were to hike down a waterfall but I wimped out half way down due to a cold I had that had moved into my lungs. The steps back up would have been too strenuous on my sick lungs. Afterwards we rode back and has lunch in town. 

The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent at the hot springs at Tabacon. Heaven!

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