Saturday, May 1, 2010

Goodbye Vietnam. Hello Cambodia!

This morning we packed up and left Saigon and flew an hour to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap is the gateway to Angkor Wat. It may be only 2 degrees cooler here (34 versus 36) but it feels much more humid. It's too hot for the bugs to be out right now, but we have been warned that we need to cover ourselves and use bug spray come evening. I'm not looking forward to the whole "cover" issue since I get so hot!

We don't start touring until tomorrow and I have no desire to walk around town and shop right now. We are staying at a beautiful spa resort, so I plan to eat some lunch and chill out by the pool. I'm sure the stores will not run out of stuff while I relax.

They do have a night market, so after our group dinner, I plan to head in to town to check out the market when it's a little cooler out.


So I did sit by the pool for a couple hours before the clouds started to roll in. I sensed it was going to rain, so I went to the spa and got a 90 minute massage. :) That was nice!

After dinner a few of us took a tuk tuk to the night market to check it out. There were tons of "fish" massage places where you dip your feet in the water and these little fish nibble off your dead skin. Seems gross to me.

Jaffa and I ended up buying wooden buddha statues from a family w/ 2 stands. She bought first and then I saw one I liked, but they didn't have it. We got maybe 4 booths away when the husband found me to tell me they had one. It was across the aisle at the father's stall. Apparently, his son is the one that carves them.

We were told to wear long sleeves and pants to deal w/ the mosquitoes but I'm dying in this heat when I do that. I had to shed clothes at the market and buy a headband. Tomorrow should be interesting. I'm tempted to risk it w/ just the bug spray, otherwise I might melt. In the evening it was the humidity that was killing me.

We are up at the crack of dawn tomorrow (so I need to go to sleep) b/c it is a special holiday in town and the king will be in town for the festivities. Malori changed the itinerary so we wouldn't miss this unique opportunity. We are already staying next to the palace and it seems the king is rarely in Siem Reap anyway.

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