Friday, September 4, 2009

WTF was I thinking?

My triathlon is a week from Sunday and I haven't done crap for it. I have totally slacked on my training. I am so screwed.

Top that off w/ the fact that I tried on my wetsuit for the first time tonight (only got it from the team on Sunday) and felt like Ross on Friends when he couldn't get his leather pants back on.

It took me 2 tries and a ton of body glide to get that baby on. B/c of this episode, I knew not to go anywhere near the powder!

Ok, so I'm in the suit. I then go down in the elevator and out to the pool to test out swimming in it. People were looking at me like I'm nuts. Good thing I'm moving in a month, right? I get in the pool and it feels so weird b/c it doesn't keep the water out.

I get ready to do a lap of breaststroke first and my butt has floated to the surface along w/ my legs. Kind of hard to do breaststroke (at least the way I know how to do it) w/ your legs at the surface. That must've been a sight. Good thing it was getting dark by then.

Then I do a lap of crawl and in a way it is much easier to do crawl b/c your butt and legs are gliding along the surface. Only problem is I did a crappy job of getting the suit on and my arms couldn't fully extend so it was very tiring on my arms to swim crawl.

Any way I can do this thing WITHOUT the wet suit? I would do sooooo much better w/o it. I will say that the good thing about it is I can float upright in the middle of the deep end w/o having to tread water. So, if I do keel over in the Potomac (yes, the Potomac River) I won't sink.

Sigh. This should be interesting. Wish me luck.


andrea said...

you can do it!!! can't wait to hear all about it afterwards.

piddleloop said...

holy crap girl!

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

plus i am so proud of you!!!!