Sunday, March 22, 2009

Springtime WIPs

Happy Spring! I am so happy that the days are now getting longer. I haven't had a chance to "experience" the first days of spring this year due to a head cold (again), but that's ok. Although I have been finishing a number of projects, I also have a bunch in waiting.


This is a cute cardigan from Kim Hargreaves book, Thrown Together. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to make it. Don't you just love it?

It's knit in Rowan's Felted Tweed. Rosie's didn't have any Felted Tweed, so I ordered some online (and on sale, of course). B/c it was on sale, I didn't buy the blue pictured in the book, but instead got it in a deep brown (Treacle). I must admit, I haven't gotten very far. I cast on when I finished Martha, but then set it aside for all of the birthday knits I made. I am picking it up at home, usually. I have gotten past the double moss stitch border on the back, but that's still a ways away from being done w/ the back.

This isn't the best picture of the color, but brown is hard to get. For now, this will have to do.

Windmill Cardigan

Alex's birthday is at the end of the month and I wanted to knit her something too. Katie really wanted a cardigan so I picked this one out. Not sure why it's named the way it is since it's all about hearts and not windmills. Whatever. The pattern is from Miss Bea's Colours. A really cute and eay pattern. I am basically done. It's blocking as we speak. This should last her a while, even when her arms get too long. I'll post the finished picture later.

Jingle Jangle

Again, I don't know where they come up w/ the names of these patterns, but yesterday I cast on for another sweater for Alex. I know, I know, but I couldn't resist. This one I loved. It's a v-neck pullover and just so darn cute! This is another Miss Bea pattern, but this is from Miss Bea's Band. I would have had "flower" or "tulip" in the name of the pattern, but again, whatever.

Isn't that just so friggin' cute? The pink is a little lighter than the picture. It probably won't be ready for Alex's birthday, but it will be soon after.

Hedgerow Socks
Ok, I started these back in October and hadn't really touched them since. I think I had planned to bring them to China w/ me (did I?) but never worked on them. Most of my projects were pretty large and I didn't want to bring them w/ me to Puerto Rico, so I brought these. They are knit in Socks That Rock Lightweight. The color is Tidepool from last years STR sock club. I LOVE the color. Not sure if this pattern works w/ the yarn since the pattern is a bit hidden.

Both Marissa and Lisa recently made these socks. Marissa followed the pattern (a double moss stitch) and Lisa did a hybrid (a seed stitch?). I kind of liked how Lisa's turned out so I went w/ that. Again, I just love the colors. I am about 70% done w/ the first sock. We'll see how long it takes me to do the next one. It took me this long to get to the point and that was w/ knitting by the pool for 4 days!


Wendy said...

Gosh you've been busy! It's crazy that we didn't have the felted tweed. I guess there was a mad rush for felted tweed when everyone was knitting tangled yoke.

Everything looks great!

Lisa said...

Damn girl, I feel so inadequate! I am so in love with the Tide Pool colorway.