Saturday, November 8, 2008

8th Wonder of the World

Today was our day in Xi'an where I got to see the 8th wonder of the world -- the terra cotta warriors. I am speechless at how amazing they are and the fact that each statue is different from another. We spent the afternoon wandering through 3 of the pits that house the statues.

Prior to our visit with the warriors, we went to the Wild Goose Pagoda, which is a buddist temple. Some of our group participated in a prayer ritual while others took pictures. I purchased a bracelet that has been blessed by 100 monks and is meant to bring good luck to the wearer. It is special to my chinese zodiac sign. I lucked out and some of my friends had already negotiated the price since I'm really bad at bargaining w/ the locals. And I mean really bad.

Afterwards we went to a jade store and learned about how jade is mined, the types of jade - hard or soft - and the quality - jadite or nephrite (sp?). I went in thinking I'm not into jade, but that I might get some gifts for folks (jade buddahs, etc.). I just skimmed some of the jewelry and fell in love w/ one of the rings. I'm not a fan of green, but jade, the really good (and expensive) jade is also translucent and lavender. That's the ring I found and worked my way to bargain down the ring about 45% of the price with a little help from my friends. Then I got the trinkets and then a little piece of art for my living room.

Seriously, I am really not a jade fan. Please take my credit card away from me! I haven't even made it to Shanghai or Hong Kong where there's even more shopping!


Lisa said...

So glad to hear you're having such a great trip. Maybe your credit cards will just self distruct...boom!

Aunt Jodie said...

Miss you bubba...glad to hear you're having a great time

kt said...

What day do you come home?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a blast. Quick question (if you get a chance to answer) are you planning on coming to Horizons on the 21st for PF dinner?